What To Expect From Your Designer

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What To Expect From Your Designer

So, you’ve decided to add an extension, or perhaps even build a new home… Congratulations!
But what now? Where do you go from here? There’s so much to do – it can truly feel insurmountable.
Your first step should be to contact a building designer for plans.
Accurate and detailed plans are the only way to get a realistic estimate from a builder of how much your project is going to cost. This is critically important if you are going to be borrowing money to finance the project – as most people do. Low-ball quotes can lead to significant problems and delays throughout the build which is something that no one wants.

Whether you are looking to raise your house, build new, renovate, or extend Designer Planning has a solution for you. In the last financial year alone, our team has completed over 200 designs. Our pricing structure is transparent and steadfast, so you will always know how much our services cost, and precisely what is included.

However, even though you know you’re in good hands with Designer Planning it can still be a little overwhelming trying to know exactly what happens throughout the process. If you are a first-time renovator you may not know what to expect, and if you are a seasoned reno-pro it can still be confusing as every design company operates differently.
This is why we’ve put together the following, so you will know what to expect from the Designer Planning team!
(If you want to see what the final outcome looks like then visit our plan examples on our website. These are examples of real plans that have been created for real customers!)
Simple First Step: Let Us Know You’re Interested
The first part of the process will begin with a call or email to our offices!
You will talk with our Customer Service Manager who will have a brief chat with you about your wants, your timeframe, and your budget. After this, our CSM will explain our pricing structure to you and suggest what we believe will best suit you.

Quote Time

When you are ready to proceed to the next step, let our Customer Service Manager know and Designer Planning will send out a quote for our design services. Have a good look through this, ask any questions if you have them – Our team has extensive experience in the building and design industry and are more than happy to help you. Designer Planning use a digital quoting system which means you can accept a quote at any time without have to print, sign, and scan. (Something many of our busy clients find useful!)

Once you agree to the quote, Designer Planning will have your designer call you to introduce themselves and kick start the process. This call usually occurs within 48 hours of your quote being accepted. Your designer may discuss some of the same things as our Customer Service Manager, but please be patient. This is so that we hit your goal squarely as well as giving you room to change your mind before serious planning comes in. Our building designers are all highly skilled professionals with many years of experience who can guide you through this process smoothly.

Next Comes The ‘Site Visit’

The ‘Site Visit’, as the name suggests, will be conducted on site with yourself and your designer! Your designer will speak with you further about what you are looking for as well as measuring your existing structure to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

This is a great chance to meet face-to-face with your designer before plans are drawn up. And visa versa, you will find that your designer takes this opportunity to get to know your project on a much deeper level.

We understand that family and work commitments can arise. If you are about finding the time to conduct the site visit, talk to your designer about when would best suit you. Often we are able to supply flexible times.

First Draft of Plans Are Drawn Up

Now comes the exciting part of the process. Your designer will take all the information collected from conversations and the site visit and will translate it into a set of building designs!

When everything is completed, your designer will email you these designs. This is where you should take a moment to revel in the excitement! The designs that have been living in your mind – or perhaps scrawled on some spare paper – are now right in front of you. Hendra New Home Upper Floor Plan

After you’ve received the plans, it is time for you to make sure that everything is how you want it. Important things to check are room sizes and positions, door and window sizes / positions, staircases, wet areas (such as kitchens and bathrooms layouts), and general circulation space. If you do have changes, you can call or email these through to your designer. Some people even find it helpful to print plans so that they can illustrate their questions.

Designer Planning includes two alterations within our pricing structure. Should you require extra changes to your plans after this, our designers are able to oblige however, there will be an adjustment to the overall price of the plans. But don’t worry – this will be discussed with you well beforehand.

Your designer will take your feedback and return the plans with the requested amendments. Once you are pleased with your designs, let our team know and it will be time to proceed to one of the final steps!


Once your plans are finalised your designer will also generate the elevations for your project. ‘Elevations’ boil down to 2D images which show what the building will look like from each side. Simply put: the view from on top is the “Plan”, while the views from the front and sides are the “Elevations”. This is an important stage because you will need to consider if you are happy with the placement and style of your windows and doors. Designer Planning Elevations


Designer Planning offer in-house engineering for all of the plans we supply. This is included in the listed set price for our plans, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden charges. When you receive your quote initially, all the various inclusions are listed clearly so you can decide if you need to remove or add anything extra.
While engineering is last, it is certainly not least! Designer Planning’s in-house engineer applies the strictest industry safety standards, consistently ensuring that your extensions will be ‘safe as houses’!

When the engineering is completed, so is Designer Planning’s initial role in your project. Step One of making your dream home a reality is now complete!
The next step from here is find a builder that you feel safe and confident with and submit your plans to council.

At Designer Planning, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream home sooner, which is why we offer such extensive services. The above article is written to provide you with an example of our process. We know every project is different. Designer Planning can also offer you Building Certifier recommendations, as well as Building Approval and Development Approval working plans.

If you would like to hear about any of Designer Planning’s listed services or how we can help after your plans are completed (with things like builder recommendations or building inspections) then contact us today! Our friendly team are always available to assist you.

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