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Here at Designer Planning, we not only handle all your building design aspects but can also design and engineer concrete pools for you. Providing you with everything you need in your pool plans to get started. 

The addition of a pool to your home has many benefits, not only does it add value to your home but provides a fun place for entertaining. Particularly in the hot summer days, we experience here in Queensland. 

A concrete pool is a custom pool, designed and built to suit your personal needs and backyard. Unlike other forms of pools such as fibre glass or vinyl, a concrete pool can come in any shape, form, depth and size you like. Providing you with the ultimate pool plans. 

Making a concrete pool a long-term choice as you can easily upgrade or change the appearance if you want to refresh it without having to replace the entire pool. They are a cost effective choice; nothing beats the resilience of a concrete pool.

A benefit of Designer Planning incorporate your concrete pool design with your home design from the start. Means that the pool design and positioning will be thoroughly considered from the beginning. 

Pool Design Plans

You may prefer the pool to be a focal point or may prefer privacy and distance from the house. Whatever it is you may like; we consider your backyard and house as one design working towards your vision.  

Call us now on 07 3087 5332 to organise an obligation free quote for your concrete pool design or speak to your Designer Planning designer about including a pool when working on your house plans.

We service all areas of South-East Queensland including:

*While engineering services are not directly offered by us, we are more than happy to provide referrals or recommendations to trusted engineering professionals for your project needs.

Pool Design
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Pool Design
pool design plans
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Pool Design Plans

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