Extended Resilience Opportunities for House Raise Builders

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After just over a year of completing Resilient Homes Fund plans, we are still seeing a consistent level of enquiries from flood affected homeowners, some of which were concerned about finalising their house raise works within the initial strict deadlines.

However, after a recent announcement from the QLD Resilience team, we’re excited to announce a two-year extension to the Resilient Homes Fund programme has been applied, offering more time for builders to get involved and engage in more important house raise projects and resilience works.

Some Key Deadlines to Note:

  • 1 December 2025: Is now the last day for homeowners to submit their funding application and quote to the QRIDA portal. As a builder, providing your quote in advance is crucial and also allows homeowners to review, ask questions, and make necessary adjustments before submitting to QRIDA.
  • 30 June 2026: Is the final day that all project works must be completed, along with payments finalised to builders /contractors.

There is Still Plenty of Opportunity to Quote Work:

As demand for resilient and sustainable homes grows, this extension is an excellent opportunity for builders to expand their project schedule and lock in work in 2024! And here at Designer Planning we have now completed over 70 sets of resilience house raise plans in response to the 2022 QLD floods and anticipate a lot more in 2024​​.

Engaging in the Resilient Homes Fund not only provides a steady workflow but also opens doors for further business through referrals and promotions. Builders who have participated previously have seen an uptick in business through positive word-of-mouth. And remember, these types of projects will assist you with cash flow as you receive prompt payments from the Government, and once you have quoted once successful project, you can use that template for future projects

Join the Resilient Homes Fund Contractor Register:

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for the Contractor Register on the QBCC website. This register connects you directly with homeowners needing licensed contractors for resilience work.

Connect with Designer Planning:

Our team is ready to assist with sessions to discuss resilience strategies, quoting processes, and program details. Reach out to us to leverage our expertise in house raise designs and make the most of this extended programme.

Maximising the Resilient Homes Fund Contractor Register:

While being listed on the register does not guarantee work, it’s an essential step in connecting with potential clients. Remember to:

  • Promote Your Participation: Let your customers know you’re capable of undertaking Resilient Homes Fund projects. Use your online platforms and marketing activities to spread the word.
  • Keep Your Availability Current: Regularly update your availability on the register to ensure homeowners know when you’re ready to take on new projects.
  • Update Contact Information Promptly: Ensure your contact details on the register are current. This can be done by emailing QBCC at technicaldivision@qbcc.qld.gov.au.

Learn More About Our House Raise Design Services:

To discover more about our set price for resilience house raise plans and how they can benefit your next project, contact us at info@designerplanning.com.au 

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