Underpinning Engineering Plans


Underpinning is a method of repairing and strengthening the foundation of an existing house’s footings. This is achieved through the retrospective addition of concrete and/or steel to the foundation of a house slab.

Underpinning is required when the house slab begins to move or is becoming stressed beyond its capacity. This can be due to a myriad of causes; many of which may be undetectable to the casual observer.

Typically the first signs that underpinning is required manifests in the appearance of cracks, whether these appear; (i) internally, (ii) externally, (iii) in the slab. Evidence that structural damage to the slab has occurred may also be observed in gaps between doors, windows and unlevelled flooring.



If you do notice any of the above, we can help. We will come to the site and provide you with a quote for the engineering works to remedy the damage. In Queensland, building approval is required for any underpinning work. Meaning that engineering plans and a soil test will be crucial to progressing any repair works.

Underpinning usually involves replacing or accentuating old pier footings; this can include excavating to a significant depth to reach adequate soil. The new, deeper footing will then be joined to the existing footings to support the weight of the house. Once in position, each pier will be supported with steel reinforcement bars; before being encased with concrete. We recommend Underpin Brisbane to carry out the works.

If your foundations need underpinning, please get in touch. One of our friendly engineers will be able to identify the cause of the movement and determine how much damage has occurred.

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