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If you are planning work on a sloping block of land or have some landscaping ideas, a retaining wall may come to mind. Here at Designer Planning, we offer retaining wall plans for a variety of different retaining walls for multiple functions. We can design and engineer retaining walls for many applications such as outdoor landscaping, basements or sunken walls and building pads.

We offer a range of different retaining wall options such as Block, Sleeper and Terraced styled walls. Our experienced team of designers can help discuss and choose which type of wall would be best suited to your project and for retaining wall plans.

If you are considering having a retaining wall larger than 1m in height, council approval is required; along with detailed plans and engineering, which can be difficult to acquire.

Our experienced team can remove the stress by providing a complete package; including retaining wall plans tailored to your specific project ensuring our walls are designed to the Australian Standard AS 4678.

One of our designers will come and visit your site to have a hands-on discussion. The designer will help envision your ideas and will also help answer any questions you may have. We also provide soil testing if required.

We provide floor and elevation plans outlining the size and location of the retaining walls along with engineering plans which detail all the information required for construction. Once finished the retaining walls plans will be ready for approval with your local council and ready for construction. 

Contact us now on 07 3087 5332 to discuss your project and get your retaining wall plans started. Price for retaining walls are $2,200 for design plans. Engineering is an additional cost. We service all areas of South-East Queensland including:

  • Brisbane (North and South)
  • Ipswich
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast
  • Townsville
Retaining Wall Plans
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