Designer Planning Marketing

More Than Just A Marketing Company!


Designer Planning Marketing is more than just a building design business, we also provide additional services to builders such as digital marketing, customer service, follow up and lead conversion as well as lead generation.

We enable you to become a design and construct builder, ensuring that the convert the leads that are generated while we assist with the design process.

We market your business, generate the leads & help you convert your leads with our unique approach – who else can do that?

Our services include & are not limited to: Digital marketing strategies, Client liaison & follow up, Lead generation. New content & web design, Social media strategies, Aerial Photography & videos

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Digital Marketing That Works!

Marketing & Leads For Builders, Run By Real Builders

Managing & Converting Leads

Designer Planning has taken a new approach to online marketing. We don’t just help you generate new customers, we call your customers and help you convert projects. We know your industry, we have excellent service and time poor builders love using this so they can concentrate on building & renovating homes

Leads Pooling

The success of our service is to likely result in a larger volume of enquiry to what you are use to receiving. Our unique system allows us to distribute leads that cannot be serviced by one builder, to someone who is available for that project. This approach assure builders are able to prioritise the most important projects to their own business

Project, Website & Social Media Photography

Did you know that potential clients spend the most time viewing your galleries & pictures than anything else on your website? Having up to date imagery & social media feeds is imperative to be able to impress and win new clients. But who has the time to do all of that for you? We do! We will come to your projects, take photos for you & update your website & feeds so you can keep doing what you are best at

Digital Marketing Strategy & Know How

Before the internet there was the Yellow Pages and if you wanted to be in business and if you wanted a big ad, you paid for it. No In the modern day you need new content, fresh marketing ideas & a strong strategy to go with it. We offer the full suite of social media, video content, SEO, adwords and website solutions to help grow your business to its full potential

Live Chat

Live chat is an advancing form of online communication that people are becoming familiar with. Live chat is a great way to ensure your business can handle leads and respond to customers at any time of the day and never miss an enquiry

Internal & Aerial Videos

If you want to highlight your best projects and get the edge over your competition, then video creation is the ideal way to show off your expertise. We can creating stunning internal videos and aerial videos, to ensure you capture the best parts of your projects in the air and on the ground. Builders who use video as part of the marketing mix, attract a higher level of clients and get far more engagement on social media

What Can We Offer



Digital Modernisation

We’ll take the time to modernise your business presence online and turn you into a Design and Construct Builder



Increased Enquiries

We'll drive enquiries and help you manage the process, so you can build and renovate more projects, more often



Lead Monitoring

We provide a personalised service that can monitor the new leads for you and follow them up on email and with phone calls, to allow you more time to do what you do best




A building marketing company committed to your success, because that leads to our success

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