House Raise & Builder Under - Red Hill



Red Hill is a gorgeous leafy suburb filled with classic, Queenslander style homes. These homes are iconic, however, can age or become unsuitable for a growing family and given the ideal location of Red Hill, most occupants don’t want to leave, so renovating these homes is the best option. This project on Lintern Street involved a house raise and build under, which gave the home a whole new look and doubled its size.

When raising a home, it’s important to take into consideration how the home will now be laid out. For this project, we moved the living areas to the newly built-in first floor, this creates an open floor plan. Open floor plans are a great way of modernising a home and create a spacious area. It also allows the home to be opened up to the outside, blending the two areas and extending the entertainment spaces to the outdoors.

Keeping in line with the appearance of a Queenslander is one of the primary regulations when renovating, therefore we had to ensure that this classic style was still maintained. With panelled windows, timber cladding and flooring and the colour scheme we were able to keep the character of the house.

The second storey features a wrap around deck, an iconic feature that lets the homeowners sit and enjoy the afternoon sun. The bedrooms located on the top floor also have access to this deck, meaning that even in the warmer months, afternoon breezes coming through Red Hill can keep the rooms cool.

House raises and build unders can transform a home, just as it did for this Red Hill Queenslander. We were able to double the house area, provide a modern look and breathe new life into the home.