When Do You Need Structural Engineering?

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When do you need structural engineering?

There are several key occasions when a property owner or buyer would need to utilize the services of a structural engineer.

For Renovations. When a homeowner decides to make improvements or undertake a remodel that involves the stability of their home, a structural engineer will be essential. Hiring an engineer will provide the builder design plans with structural drawings and calculations to be used during the renovation process. This will also ensure your home renovations are being done to current building codes and meet all necessary regulations.

The services that most often require the professionalism of a structural engineer include; building additions, modifying doors and/or windows, removing or altering internal walls, retaining walls, underpinning foundations, decks, or new build custom homes.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you should hire an engineer for your project, it is always best to double-check with a professional! Or as a general rule assume that anything that requires a change to the structure of your property should be reviewed by a structural engineer.

When building additions or altering the layout. If you are considering building out additional space to your property via a bedroom, garage, or studio space, a structural engineer will help to design new structural elements to withstand the new loads from the addition. They will also confirm that the foundation of the new addition is effectively reinforced. Structural engineers will also help homeowners to determine which walls carry the weight of a home’s structure and how the proposed renovations will affect the structural integrity of your property.

For a structural inspection or damage. Whether you are a current homeowner or in the market to purchase a home, it is important to be aware of any structural damage to your property. If you or another professional notice any structural damage, you will need to contact a structural engineer to determine the seriousness, cause of the damage, and how the damage can be properly fixed. Structural engineers are skilled in conducting detailed evaluations that identify structural issues and advise homeowners on how to resolve the issues per local building code. Signs of structural damage include cracking or movement of walls, sagging ceilings or roofline, uneven floors, cracks around windows, etc.

What is Engineering?

Engineering is the process of getting a building engineer to inspect supports, loads and building materials used throughout the design and construction process, to determine if they are safe and can withstand certain conditions.

Building engineers are structural engineers who specialise in buildings. Buildings need to be able to hold up under all types of loading, including the weight of the building, the weight of the people and other things inside the building, and natural forces such as wind, gravity etc. A building engineer will consider all these forces and make sure the building is designed to be structurally sound.

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