What Are The Benefits Of Raising Your Home?

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House raising is the process of raising a residential property to provide more functional opportunities and improve the aesthetics of the home.

But the question is, are there any benefits to raising your home? The answer is yes! There are plenty of benefits that come with raising your home which include; improvement of views and airflow, the opportunity to build downstairs, new stumps, reducing the risk of flooding and adding to the value of your home.

Improve the view and airflow 

Raising your house can be an easy step to improving the airflow and enjoying the beautiful Brisbane skyline or viewing the beautiful greenery outside. 

Opportunity to expand your living area

Raising your home is a great way to create extra space without reducing your backyard area our compromising the original looks of the house. This way you can build character as you can keep the original house and follow the current styling without changing the look too much. You may want to remodel the inside with a paint job or new tiles, but keep the original look and feel very similar, just with a lot more space than what you used to have.

New stumps

Raising your house will give you the chance to restump.

As houses get older their foundations age and shift over time which can become a safety issue. Raising your house will allow for new stumping, straightening the foundation and realigning the home. It also raises your house and could improve views and air circulation throughout the home.

Reduce the risk of flooding

Some parts of Brisbane are at high risk of flooding when it comes to flood damage, especially if you are located near the river or a small dam. Raising your house could strengthen the foundations and stumps holding your house as well as further prevent termites and rotting.

Adding to your home value

Raising your house adds value to your home as buyers look for large backyards with lots of living space and good views.

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