What Are Elevations?

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House Elevations

As a building design company a question we get asked a lot is what are elevations?

Elevations are a 2-dimensional drawing or render that show the front, back or side view of something. In respect to the building design world, it is referring to whatever structure is being designed. In our case, it’s generally of the exterior of house or building.  

Unlike a floor plan which gives a 2 Dimensional view from above, as if you are looking down; an elevation will give more of a real-life viewpoint.

An elevation is created to give an idea of what the finished product will look like and give the construction team the specifications from which to create the building. They show the structural and architectural details of a building. This includes the heights ceilings and fenestrations as well as surface features, roof treatment and more!

As buildings are rarely simple rectangular shapes, an elevation drawing is a projection that shows parts of the building as seen from a particular direction. The elevations are generally the second stage of a project that comes after the floor plans are completed and finalised.

Any good designer or contractor will provide you with elevation drawings when they are needed.  But, if they don’t offer them, be sure to ask about elevations, so you can be sure about what you will be getting when you see the final result of your project.

Elevations are a great way to visualise the potential finished project before it has even begun, especially for new home or renovations.

At Designer Planning, we understand the processes required by the council just to approve a simple extension. We work closely with Private Building Certifiers, Builders and Engineers, so we can assist in what is required for Council Building Applications.

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