Landscaping Design

Landscaping Design


What is Landscape Design?
Landscape design is an essential aspect of any property that is commonly not thoroughly considered by homeowners. Landscape designs vary significantly in scale, ranging from public parks and gardens to commercial centres, streetscapes and residential. Despite the variance of scale, the focus of landscape design is to link the indoor and outdoor area together.

Do I Need Plans?
Regardless of whether you are renovating an existing house, building a new home or planning a standalone landscape project, it’s important you meet council requirements. Not all projects will require landscaping plans to be provided to the council, although if uncertified work is conducted that is not supported by the council, this may derail a project.

The easiest way to avoid any unwanted headaches is to confirm early on, what is required from you. If your local council or covenant specifies ‘Landscape Intent’ as a prerequisite to any development, this will be needed to be shown in plans. You can also speak to a Certifier, Towner Planner or Landscape Designer to determine what is required for your project.

When Should I Engage a Landscape Designer?
A landscape designer is usually considered as an afterthought after a project is nearing completion. However, the time frame to complete a landscape design is often not considered.

Engaging a landscape designer early in the process allows for a more intimate dialogue of what is required, what opportunities a project presents, and how you would like to occupy a space.

Landscape Design. Isn’t that just Gardening?
Yes, to a degree. However, landscape design allows you to undertake large scale modifications to your backyard and allows you to redefine the space. Landscape design will enable you to create well-planned, livable environments that complement your home. In Queensland’s climate, the yard is an extension of your living area, so it is essential that you are as comfortable in the backyard as in your living room.


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