House Raise & Builder Under - Wooloowin



Beautiful home location in Wooloowin, Brisbane. Classic Queenslanders are found throughout the suburbs of Brisbane, including Wooloowin. Over the years these amazing character homes have continued as a staple home. At the same time, they have started to show their age.

Renovating a Queenslander can be difficult due to council rules and regulations but also whilst maintaining the integrity and character of the home.

This home in Wooloowin was built in 1930 and was ready for some love. It’s important to consider the original materials used and the overall appearance of the home. Keeping this in mind the house was raise and build in underneath. This allows for more room to be created within the home without compromising on yard space.

The colour range was kept in the whites to give it a crisp and fresh feel. While the high end finishes adding a sense of luxury and creates cohesiveness throughout the whole home.

This renovated heritage home will now provide plenty of space for the owners and their growing family.