How 3D Renders Can Improve Your Home Design Project

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Undertaking your dream home design project can be daunting — and it’s not always easy to visualise what the finished product will look like. 

When it comes to home design, you want to be sure your project works for the block of land you’re building on. You also want to know you’re making the most of your space, and are creating a home with a layout that matches your style and lifestyle needs in the long term. Adding a 3D render to your home design plans can help you get this true ‘feel’ of your new property.

3D rendering makes it easy for you to see what your home design project will look like when completed – whether it’s a completely new home, an extension or a renovation to an existing home. In fact, 3D renders are changing the way the design process works, making it easier for both designers and buyers to develop, communicate and perfect their design ideas. 

Here are 3 ways 3D renders can help improve your home design project:

Visualise the project 

A critical element of the home design process is being able to visualise what the completed product will look like, so you can ensure you’re getting the home, extension or renovation you’ve dreamed of. 3D renders help paint a ‘complete’ picture of the finished design so you can more fully comprehend the overall look of your project — and what it will be like to live in — even before it’s completed. 

Not everyone has the spatial thinking to visualise what a 2D rendition or floor plans will look like when it comes to life. 3D rendering, on the other hand, creates an image of your 2 dimensional home design plans or sketches, meaning you can see everything from the height of the ceiling to the colour palette.  

Provide a realistic rendition 

While there’s nothing wrong with 2D images, a 3D render brings a design project to life in a different way. Our 3D artists can create renders that show the textures and colours of each material feature in your home. These details might not seem so essential in the scheme of things, but they are important for the full realisation of your project. 

Because the design is your own vision, seeing a true-to-life representation of how it will look can help you decide what you like and what might need changing. It is better to do this early on in the design process, or you risk having to make expensive changes later on. The more realistic the design in the initial stages of the home design process, the easier it is for you to imagine your finished project – and the better the physical design will be! 

Fewer mistakes

3D rendering makes it easier for you to understand the ins and outs of your project, and having this spatial understanding of your home means less time making changes down the track. 3D renders paint an accurate and scalable picture of what your home design project will look like as a finished product — before construction has even started. Why this is important? The more accurate and realistic the design, the easier it is to identify mistakes early on and the less likely you are to need costly changes in the future.

3D renderings can help you detect any issues with the design in the initial stages of the project — from problems with the colour scheme to the layout of your home. Detecting any issues, mistakes or problems early on means you can rectify them with minimal cost. 

No matter whether your design project is big or small, 3D renders can help improve your home. When you are able to see your design in accurate detail, and when you can visualise how the space will look and feel, you can be sure the finished product will be the one you want. 

To add a 3D render to your plans, contact Designer Planning today and have a chat with our expert team. Request a free quote. 


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