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Stunning Builder & Construction Photography

You do all the hard work of building a new home, renovating a bathroom or constructing a new deck, and the majority of the time only you and the owners enjoy the spoils.

You should be showing off your great handy work, and we are here to help you do that and ensure your best projects are highlighted online!

Google Analytics tells us that potential clients spend more time looking at the Galleries on your website than any other page. our customers are visual, and you need to be updating your pages and galleries as often as possible to make sure that you are the builder that they want to use to build their dream house or renovate their home.

Our professional photographers will take the burden off your shoulders for you, and allow you more time to do what you do best.

We will come to your project and offer the following:

  • Before shots
  • During construction shots (e.g slab pour, framing, roof shots, demolition, finishes, renovations, demolition stages etc)
  • After shots – Internal & External
  • Aerial shots using a licensed drone

Update Your Website & Social Feeds

We understand a constant gripe of builders is having the time or knowing how to update websites and social media.

Designer Planning take care of all of this for you!

We will then take the time to edit your shots professionally update your website and galleries as well as provide content for your social media channels. It ensures that you stay up to date, relevant and appealing to your client base.

This gives you peace of mind and the time to get on with what you do best, building and renovating!





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