4 Essential Tips to Get Better Photos & Impress Your Clients

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After years of managing builders’ websites and digital marketing campaigns, one statistic stands out from the crowd is that potential clients spend more time viewing galleries and project images than anything else.

So many builders post the same style of images of their finished projects. However, over time, these projects tend to all look the same.

If you want to get some serious cut through and inject some personality into your website and social media posts, then follow these 4 tips.

1. Add a live Instagram feed to your website.

If you don’t know your way around a website or have the time to log in and constantly and edit photos, then the quickest and easiest way to update your clients is to implement a live Instagram feed. Whether you use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or a different web platform, they all tend to offer this option via a free plugin or some other form of web app. Place the feed on your most visible page (often the homepage) or create a separate page for it and quickly and easily update your audience with what’s new and what is going on.

2. Use before and after galleries

While most builders show the finished product, we have noted that before and after galleries generate a huge amount of interest and views from potential clients. From the moment you step onto a site you should have your phone ready to snap some images of what you are walking into or about to demolish. Keep these photos somewhere safe and just before you hand over your project, create a new project page, gallery or feature on your website highlighting the transformation that has taken place.

3. Take unique & creative photos to stand out

With every construction project tending to look the same, you will be rewarded for posting unique and authentic images to help you stand out from the crowd. There are a range of simple tips and techniques you can use to enhance the photos that you post on your mobile phone, which include

  • Use the autofocus tool on your smartphone to get a crystal-clear image
  • Look for different angles. Get down on all fours and point the camera up high, or get up on that scaffolding and take an aerial snapshot
  • Watch for lighting. You don’t need a photography degree to understand that you don’t point directly towards the sun, you can use a flash on darker spots, and too many shadows can ruin a shot.
  • Add team members, equipment and even pets to photos to make your brand stand out.

4. Use free editing apps

A lot of great photographers will tell you that the real skill is in the editing. Now we don’t expect you to have a degree in photoshop. However, there are some amazing free tools, apps and software that you can use quickly and easily to make your photos look like the real deal

Try downloading the free version of Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed or even use the filters in Instagram. You will find that with the click of a few buttons you will be able to change the lighting (exposure), add some colour (saturation), lighten shadows, change the temperature, crop imagery and much more. For real lazy builders, some apps even offer an ‘auto fix’ suggestion and take the decisions out of your hands.

It doesn’t take long to change the whole look and feel of your website, or social media feeds with some quality looking imagery which will have your clients in ore of your handy work and demanding quotes for their next project. Remember to use social feeds on your website to keep customers up to date, take imagery before and after projects have finished and add these to your galleries, think creatively and edit your photos to give yourself that professional edge

If you would like more information about how you can take and edit creative photos and market these to your clientele, please reach out to our marketing team.

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